How Do Rehearsals and Terms Work?
For your fee of £20 per term, the year is split into 4 terms of roughly 10 weeks, we usually have a mid-term break, and a longer break during the summer.

Do You Still Rehearse During Covid?
Rehearsals are currently held on Wednesday evenings via the Zoom platform.

Do you audition?
There are no auditions involved whatsoever, and everyone is welcome to join regardless of singing experience!

I am not sure what voice I am?
Liz will be happy to help you establish what voice you are

Do I Have To Perform?
No-one will force you to perform if you don’t want to (most of our members find this the best bit about being part of a choir!). If you just want to come along and rehearse without the pressure of performing, you can do that too.

When Do We Perform?
We perform at least once per term, with performance details notified as soon as they are confirmed. Members are asked to register their interest separately for performances, and all members are able to sign up to perform for every event we do.

Will I Have To Sing By Myself?
You will never be asked to sing by yourself, to audition, or to otherwise be put on the spot. We know this can be nerve-wracking and uncomfortable, and there’s simply no need for solo singing at any stage during rehearsals or performances.

Do I Need To Read Sheet Music?
There is no need to read sheet music to join our choir. We learn by repetition.  Liz also records some of the songs and parts thereof and we place these on our website for our members to listen to and practice with.

Where Can I Access Choir Materials?
Choir materials are available on the members’ area, which is accessible from our members’ page, penicuikcommunitychoir.co.uk/songparts. Once you join the choir, you will be sent a username and password for the site. At the rehearsal, we will provide a numbered folder unique to you with copies of the individual materials for a session – we will change content over the years and will collect unused material back in.

Do I Need To Attend Every Rehearsal?
There is no need to attend every rehearsal, however, we obviously encourage members to come to as many rehearsals as possible, you are paying for this after all – this makes us sound better, and makes it more fun too!

What Songs Do We Sing?
We sing an eclectic mix of modern, contemporary, pop & classical songs in 2 or 3 parts, some of which you may know already.

Do we have a Constitution?
Yes, the constitution can be viewed here

Are there any rules?
Whilst much fun can be had singing in a choir, it is also important to note a couple of etiquette points as listed here